Rip Van


Rip Van is a food innovation company on a mission to improve people’s lives by creating better foods.

The company’s innovation philosophy is to constantly improve its products by applying the latest food science research to push the bounds of health, taste, and design in their products. The company’s flagship product, Rip Van Wafels is a better-for-you indulgent snack, available in 7 flavors, and is carried in 12,000 Starbucks locations nationwide.

The company was created by Rip and Marco in 2012 from their college dorm. The founders were frustrated with the unhealthy snack options that flooded the market. Their mission was to introduce a healthy yet delicious snack to the market “to improve people’s lives by inventing better convenient foods.” Rip Van Wafels has successfully positioned itself on the shelves of major brands like Whole Foods, Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee, Sprouts, Kroger, and many more.

The Challenge

Rip Van has been hugely successful at establishing a wholesale business. However, due to the unexpected turn of events from COVID-19, their wholesale sales were decreasing.

Because of this, they needed to launch a direct-to-consumer channel through their online store to acquire online customers.

Although they already had a well designed and well functioning online platform, they did not have significant transactions through this channel.

We had to strengthen their online presence by sending traffic to their site through a strategic digital marketing campaign to acquire customers.

The Solution


Digital Advertising Campaign
Full Sales Funnel
Creative Copy
Online Customer Acquisition
Digital Marketing Strategy
Optimized Geo-Targeting
Conversion Optmization

In order to lead customers to the online shop, we created a customer acquisition strategy and a full-funnel digital advertising strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

We created highly targeted digital advertising campaigns with high-quality content to display the products’ qualities and bring traffic to the online store. Through these strategies, we were able to successfully increase customer acquisition, optimize performance and ROAS, as well as increase total sales and revenue.

We have the privilege to continue to help build this brand into one of America’s most successful snack brands.



Custom copywriting and advertising content for stronger branding.


Highly optimized geo-targeted digital marketing through Facebook, Instagram, and Google to increase ad performance.


Increase website conversion rate to maximize ROAS and decrease customer acquisition cost by continuous testing.


Create strategic digital advertising campaigns that fit the brand and its audience.


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