Paid Advertising platforms for ecommerce

Pay-Per-Click services for your ecommerce brand help you to reach customers via paid online search advertising. This is essentially a means to buy visits to your site rather than earning organic visits. This is an essential tier of ecommerce advertising which should be leveraged by all ecommerce brands who are trying to make sure that they are visible to those searching for their products and services.

If you have never used Pay-Per-Click advertising for your ecommerce business, you might have a lot of questions about how this kind of advertising can help promote your brand and increase your ranking in search results.

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click is an advertising model where you contract with a PPC entity for a set charge per click on your ads. This means that each click will charge you a nominal fee that you pay for the use of the advertising connections and placements that are done on behalf of your brand by the PPC company. If you are using PPC correctly, the fee that you pay is small compared to the value to your brand that comes back to you from resulting sales.

There are many factors that drive the success of your PPC ads, from SEO keyword optimization to placement selections. Despite the fact that you are not managing these ad campaigns directly, the information which you have entered into the PPC ad campaign can greatly affect its overall success.

Why is Pay-Per-Click Important to Your Shopify Ecommerce Brand?

This kind of advertising is part of an important niche that you need to access for the success of your ecommerce brand. Working with a Pay-Per-Click agency can make it possible for your brand to access customers who are shopping based on search terms alone.

The other value of this kind of advertising is that ecommerce PPC management includes a lot of data that is collected while users interact with your Pay-Per-Click ads. This data is great for a better understanding of effective ad styling as well as the true target audience for your brand. Pay-Per-Click ads are highly targeted and they can help you greatly if you are working on segmenting your target audience or reaching out to a new demographic about your brand.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work?

Pay-Per-Click ads work in a simple manner. Your ads will be displayed on other sites for a small fee that is taken by the PPC company for each time your ad is clicked on. These kinds of ads typically run inside of search engines like Google, but they can also be linked with bidding for ad placements in more ideal locations as well based on the contract that you signed up for.

There are built-in rewards for brands that are able to provide targeted and relevant keywords for their ad campaigns. Being able to generate proper keyword optimization as well as targeted content can make your overall ad spend much less than your competitors that you are bidding against.

This is one of the primary values of working with a PPC Management Agency for your needs for this kind of ad. You do not want to waste money on ads that are not performing and a PPC agency can help you to target the right audience and use the right keywords to outbid your competitors with a high rate of success. Being able to get your ads placed in the right locations for the greatest engagement is a big benefit of working with the right ecommerce PPC management entity.

Our Process

  • Audit Existing Strategy

We will audit your existing paid search  ad strategies and look at areas that can be improved. This is a complex advertising type and we can offer you our years of collective experience when improving and redirecting your strategy for PPC ads. We know how to help you to get more out of your existing Pay-Per-Click ads and we can make it easier for you to develop new ads using that data that we have collected from our audit. It is far easier to ad styling and language when you know how the existing ad campaigns you are running have performed overall.


  • Define Target Audience

PPC ads are very centered on the right targeting and we can help you to define and segment your target audience for better engagement and increased conversion. You cannot hope to get the most out of any of your ad campaigns if you do not have the right target audience in mind. We can help you to create the perfect target audience and then segment and improve it as your ad campaign results come in. You will never have to guess about who you are showing your ads to or how effective they are when you are working with the right target audience.


  • Develop Strategies

We will work with you to develop effective paid search management strategies to help you manage and improve your PPC ad campaigns. These are the kinds of ads that require high levels of responsiveness to trends and changes in your market space and we can help you to plan for these changes. Without a well-defined strategy, you cannot hope to enjoy the sales and conversions you hope to see from your PPC ad campaigns. We can help you to create effective, data-driven strategies that will deliver conversions and increased ROI.


  • Create Content

PPC ads have to grab the attention of consumers right away and be effective at getting your brand’s messaging across right away. This is where our talented team of creators can help you to make the right content and use the right calls to action to convert clicks into sales. You need to plan and design your PPC ads carefully and with a high attention to detail for them to be truly effective. Our creative team can make the right kind of content to drive traffic to your eCommerce site and to net you the sales that you have been looking for.

Our Paid Search Performance Advertising for Shopify Ecommerce Brands

At Danbennun, we offer Pay-Per-Click management services that will generate results and convert them to sales. We know that you are busy running your company and you don’t have time to manage all of the unique little details of PPC ads. We can help take on this task and make the most of your budget for this kind of ad.

· Conversion Tracking

We will monitor your PPC ad campaigns and make sure that your conversion rates justify continuing the campaign. If the conversion rate is lagging, we will adjust and reoptimize our strategy to increase conversions to sales.

This is an important part of successful PPC campaigns and it can be hard to have your eyes on all of the metrics that will make this possible. This is where our data-driven strategy delivers big results for our clients.

· Account Review and Goal Setting

We know that you have your own vision for what your PPC ad campaigns will accomplish and we want to meet and exceed your goals. We can help you make a strategy that will surpass your goals and benefit your branding as well as your ROI.

We will work with your budget to make sure that you are getting the maximum value from every single click and every single placement that is utilized in your PPC campaigns.

· Manual Bid Management

When we have access to bid management, we will make sure that we use this function to the benefit of your brand. We want to be sure that your ad spend is creating the maximum number of sales that can be managed and we will adjust your ad campaigns to accomplish this goal through manual bid management.

There is no exchange for having your hands directly on the information that is being used to deliver ads to your target audience, and we can provide this valuable service to your brand.

· Text Ad Optimization

Your ad language and included images matter. You need to be able to deliver your branding message along with the relevant creative content that will grab the attention of your target audience right away. Running tired or boring ads will not generate interest or convert to sales.

Our talented team of creative designers will make sure that your text ads are optimized with the right keywords and that they display the right features and images to make your brand stand out from the rest.

· Geo-Targeting

Some products sell best when they are advertised based on location. We can optimize this feature of your PPC campaigns to make sure that the right people are being shown your ads every time you win a bid. Geo-targeting requires careful review of the data of each campaign to be retargeted successfully and we can make sure that your campaigns never lag behind.

· Landing page Optimizations

PPC campaigns drive traffic to landing pages. These pages need to have the right information about your brand, the right creative design, and the right SEO-optimized keywords and information to generate sales. We can optimize and improve your landing pages to make sure that you are selling products and generating engagement.

Paid Search Performance Advertising for Shopify Ecommerce Brands FAQ

How is PPC optimization different from normal SEO optimization?

Because PPC ads show up on search engine pages, these ads need to be optimized differently than regular SEO optimization rules require. Different tools and techniques drive the optimization of these unique ads so that listings will win bids and appear on the first page of search engine results.

Will Pay-Per-Click management services cost more than other ad management services?

We will work with the budget that you have set for us to the best of our ability. We can advise you about the areas to focus your dollars on to get the most out of your PPC ad campaigns. We know that advertising can add up, but we also know that PPC ads can help your brand enjoy lots of sales every quarter. These ads can more than pay for themselves over time.

Does my ecommerce business need to run PPC ad campaigns?

While you can run a successful ecommerce business without using PPC ads, you will be missing out on a lot of your annual sales. Some consumers only shop based on search results, and if you are advertising to these consumers inside of your ecommerce site or on your social media, you will not be able to get their attention. PPC ads can also create better brand awareness when these ads show up on search pages for other businesses.

Can you manage my PPC ad campaigns for me?

Yes, we can! If you do not want to manage your PPC ad campaigns, we are more than happy to take care of this important task for you. There is no need for you to struggle with the complexities of PPC ad placements or text optimization. We can handle all of the necessary steps that will make your PPC ad campaigns generate higher ROI.

How will Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns benefit my ecommerce store?

PPC agency management can bring lots of added value to your ecommerce brand. You will enjoy better brand awareness, better search engine optimization, and low-cost advertising that generates big results in your ROI. When managed properly, PPC ads can work miracles toward creating the right optimization for your overall advertising plan while also helping buyers who are search engine shoppers to find your brand. There is no exchange for the power of careful PPC management services to promote your ecommerce brand and increase your overall sales and ROI.

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