SEO for Ecommerce breakdown

SEO optimization for your Shopify eCommerce brand has an important place in your overall eCommerce strategy. If you have not been leveraging SEO optimization as you build your brand, release content, or build landing pages and product descriptions, your brand will not be as visible to people searching for it online as it should be. You might be selling the best thing since Apple products, but if no one can find your store, no one will buy your products!

If you need help optimizing your SEO on your ecommerce site, we can help!

What is SEO Optimization?

SEO optimization is the use of keywords and phrases to help make your site and your landing pages and content more searchable when people use a search engine to locate your business. SEO optimization ranks websites and other web locations based on the weighted keywords that create site visibility.

If you have never worked with SEO before, you cannot just pick keywords at random. You will need to have access to tools that make it possible for you to identify the correct keywords for your site and its needs.

This is where we can help! We know how to identify the right ecommerce SEO for your small business SEO and SEO Shopify needs. Our search engine optimization services will make sure that your business can be located easily and that it is ranked among the right competitors.

Why is Ecommerce SEO so Important?

Small business SEO services are some of the most important ecommerce SEO services that you will invest in. While local SEO services can be of some assistance to your brand, you will want to focus your small business SEO services on a larger scale.

Our digital strategists can help you to analyze the right keywords that will be required to boost onsite traffic and revenue. These keyword optimization strategies will make sure that the most valuable keywords to help make your ecommerce site appear at the top of search rankings.

For business owners who are looking to positively impact their store’s growth potential, working with small business SEO services experts can make all the difference between a successful business and one that struggles to find clients and make sales.

How Does Ecommerce SEO Work?

SEO optimization for your SEO digital marketing needs is a straightforward process when it is guided by a company that is knowledgeable in SEO for Shopify and Ecommerce SEO. Our expert team will work with your brand to create a strategy that includes technical development as well as the creation of optimized content.

Our SEO strategies are based on our years of prior experience working with ecommerce brands but we also base all of the determinations that we make about your SEO needs on the data that we collect. Our data-driven process creates the right spread of keywords that have been analyzed for your specific branding needs in your market space.

These optimized and data-based strategies will lead to increased visibility as well as improved brand exposure and awareness. The increased traffic to your site will lead to higher conversions and increased revenue. This is an essential part of managing and improving your ecommerce brand’s online presence and we are the right experts to work with for this need.

Our Process

  • Audit Existing Strategy

We are experts at collecting data and using these metrics to improve the outreach and the branding of your eCommerce site. We will audit your existing SEO shopify optimization strategy and locate places that we can improve your work. SEO optimization is complicated and involves more than just scratching the surface of the keywords and keyword phrases that you will need to leverage for improved placements in search results. We can help you to improve and retarget your SEO optimization for better results. SEO optimization requires frequent audits to improve and retarget phrases, keywords and content.


  • Define Target Audience

You cannot target your SEO strategies without being sure about who your target audience is. We can help you to define your target audience and segment the audiences that you are currently selling to for better results. Targeting the right viewers and the right markets with your SEO optimized phrases and keywords will always yield better results than just using generalized SEO keywords. Defining your target audience is an ongoing process and we can help you to get the most out of your SEO optimization with the right target audience in mind.

  • Develop Strategies

We can audit your existing SEO optimization and help guide you toward ways that you can improve your SEO targeting on your site and on your blogs. We will run reports to verify that the right keywords and phrases are being used in your content and your landing pages. We can create a strategy for you to follow or we can develop a strategy that we will use ourselves for fully managed SEO optimization projects. You will be able to guide and develop these strategies with us.


  • Create Content

 Our creative team will create improved and optimized blog content, ad copy, and landing page content to make sure that your site will rank at the top of search results. It is not enough to just optimize a few phrases here and there. You need to be using the right SEO shopify optimization strategies in your blogs, landing pages and even your email marketing outreach. Our talented team of creators can help you to create the right content for all areas of your branding outreach from your eCommerce site content to your blogs and social media pages.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

At DanBennun, we take pride in providing SEO digital marketing services that come in many sizes and shapes, and modes. We offer premier search engine optimization services for your ecommerce SEO needs. You will not find a better SEO optimization partner for your brand.

· Targeted Keyword Research

This is one of the most essential parts of our SEO optimization plan for your ecommerce business. We strategically integrate relevant and localized keywords throughout your site or your content. This makes sure that your site conveys the right core functions to search engines.

Our analysis of the correct keywords to add to your content and web pages will allow search engines to trust your website, and they will rank your site higher as a result. We will never use lazy methods like keyword stuffing which can lead to your site being penalized by search engines.

· Effective Blog Content

Your blog content needs to share your branding message, but it can do so much more than just that! We will make sure that the content on your page generates internal links through authoritative content. Our content creators know how to use keywords and phrases as well as powerful calls to action to increase click-through rate and CRO.

· Correct Website Structure

We are experts in market research and we know how to discover what consumers are looking for. We prioritize your site’s functionality as well as the aesthetics of your site. We will make sure that your site design is beautiful to look at but also responsive and effective, no matter what kind of device your customers are viewing it with.

As an added bonus we will make certain that your site speed is up to standards because any site that does not load promptly and work readily right away increases bounce rates which will impact CRO and your overall sales numbers.

· PR Outreach

We have the connections to bond your site with relevant content creators in your market space. This pairing of efforts will lead to third-party working relationships that create natural linking to your site. This will create a network of diverse linking that leads back to your domain.

We know which kinds of high-authority websites you need to be linked with for maximum brand awareness and brand discovery. Organic growth of your audience is well within reach with these skills on your side.

· Problem Solving

Broken links, 404 errors, and duplicate content are common on ecommerce sites. We will never let this happen to your brand. We will continuously optimize your content and landing pages to make sure that they offer unique and relevant content. We will also be sure that all of the links on your pages work properly and direct traffic to the right places on your site or to your social media or blog.

· Fresh Keyword Research

Keyword research is necessary for any ecommerce site and we make sure that your site does not lag behind when keyword optimization shifts over time. It is crucial to continue to maintain and upgrade your site’s SEO optimization for your rankings to remain stable.

As your site grows and creates new content, we make sure that the right ecommerce SEO is in place to support your new endeavors.

Search Engine Optimization For Shopify Ecommerce Brands FAQ

How is ecommerce SEO optimization different from normal SEO optimization?

Ecommerce SEO services put emphasis on the key areas that are needed to create growth in an ecommerce site. Standard SEO optimization will still apply to your ecommerce business model, but the strategic efforts are more focused on user experience in ecommerce SEO. Ecommerce SEO services are focused on keywords that find the right audience and create outreach to drive traffic to your site.

Will ecommerce SEO cost more than normal SEO optimization?

In many cases, there is no difference between the cost to provide general SEO optimization and ecommerce-focused SEO optimization. We are always willing to work with your budget and to do our utmost to optimize your store and your branding within your comfort zone. We can fit our strategies into your budget in most cases.

Do ecommerce stores need ecommerce SEO?

We believe that ecommerce stores absolutely must have SEO optimization on their side. To be able to rank high enough in search rankings to be visible is a major benefit to using ecommerce SEO but you will also find that adding keywords in the right way to your content will boost site traffic and conversion rates.

What is necessary for skilled ecommerce SEO?

You will need a skilled team on your side if you want to have effective ecommerce SEO added to your site and your content. You will need to work with a team that knows about avoiding common SEO pitfalls like keyword stuffing.

Skilled ecommerce SOE also takes into account backlinking to industry-relevant platforms as well as creating internal links that will keep customers in your store long enough to convert to sales. A skilled SEO optimization team will be certain that your site and your content are working hard for your brand’s success.

Do I need help creating my ecommerce SEO strategies?

While you might be able to get started with some general SEO optimization work on your own site, this is a complicated kind of SEO optimization that takes years of training. You will always get more out of your SEO optimization when you work with an expert team who knows how to create the right content and use the right keywords.

We can offer you the design strategies, creative content generation, and SEO research that are needed to make your ecommerce store a leader in your industry.

How will ecommerce SEO benefit my ecommerce store?

Search engines still drive traffic to the highest-ranked sites online, and you will always lag behind your competitors if your store is not optimized to be searchable through keyword searches. SEO for ecommerce stores needs to use the right keywords to create interest and to generate new traffic while also ranking high enough in the search results for new customer discovery.

Proper ecommerce SEO management is essential to leverage the full power of ecommerce SEO for your store.