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Marcus Lemonis


Marcus Lemonis is a billionaire investor and CEO of a multitude of progressive brands and is best known for his CNBC show 'The Profit'.

He is a Lebanese-born American businessman, television personality, philanthropist, and politician. He came from humble beginnings and worked his way up by learning how to negotiate.

As of today, Marcus owns and runs more than 25 companies and is the CEO of Camping World, a publicly-traded company valued at over $2 billion.

The Challenge

Marcus Lemonis has been very successful at growing his businesses but needed help from experienced digital marketing experts to launch an online channel for his new portfolio of fashion brands.

His portfolio of fashion brands, called Marcus Lemonis Fashion Group, contained numerous smaller brands that needed help with branding, design, marketing, and eCommerce. Our goal was to create a comprehensive online sales strategy in order to grow the online revenue of the entire fashion portfolio.

While Marcus had the financial capital and extensive experience as a retail mogul, he needed help building the digital part of his businesses to further increase online sales and foster eCommerce channel growth.

The Solution


Custom Shopify Platforms
Branding Strategy
Custom Advertising Campaigns
Digital Marketing
Online Customer Acquisition
ROAS Optimization
UI/UX Design

We created a custom solution for each brand which consisted of custom website design & development, digital marketing strategy, email marketing, digital advertising, influencer marketing, and content marketing that uniquely represented each brand.

We designed custom branded Shopify themes for each fashion brand within the Marcus Lemonis Fashion Group portfolio in order to strengthen individual branding and create a unique online presence for each one.

We engaged in a specialized and customized digital marketing strategy for each fashion brand in order to grow the revenue across the entire portfolio.

We created custom digital marketing strategies that included conversion rate optimization, email marketing, digital advertising, and SEO. In the end, we were able to create custom website experiences for each brand to grow them in their own unique way.



Design and develop custom websites and eCommerce platforms on Shopify for each fashion brand of the portfolio.


Plan, create, and implement multi-step email marketing campaigns to create traffic that leads to conversions.


Include functionalities, customization, and apps to Shopify that lead to a high conversion rate through great usability and customer experience.


Design and launch completely new digital advertising campaigns for each brand that highlight each brand’s unique personality.


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