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Email marketing using Klaviyo

Klaviyo email marketing services are a great addition to your online marketing plan. They build lasting relationships with Shopify customers and they can drive leads and sales to maximize profitability. While some people might tell you email marketing is dead, they are wrong. When leveraged correctly, an email marketing strategy can add lots of value to your branding outreach.

If you are ready to add email marketing to your ecommerce marketing strategy, we can help!

What is Email Marketing?

Ecommerce email marketing is the ongoing process of sending emails to prospects and customers with the intent to convert them into buyers. On top of converting these customers into buyers, you also want to create loyal brand followers who will buy from you again and again and improve your organic branding process.

Email marketing offers you the chance to speak on a more personal level with your customers. When leveraged correctly, email marketing services can be a major success for your brand and provide advertising and brand awareness for a relatively low price. This is one of the best ways to remind people about the goings-on of your business without nagging them with ads, and many ecommerce stores neglect this necessary form of outreach.

Why is Email Marketing So Important?

Email marketing reaches a different portion of your consumers. These people are not likely to be on social media or to spend their time shopping around your site without being given a targeted reason to do so. You are netting a different kind of buyer when you invest effort into an email marketing campaign, and you will see a change in the demographics of your buyers if you execute your email marketing strategies correctly.

Email marketing is also a flexible medium and it can be used in many different ways. You can send out coupons, provide updates on the status of new products, you open discourse with consumers about polls and the development of new products. This is not a one size fits all marketing option and it offers you the chance to change your modalities of outreach for higher conversion rates.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing can be handled in many different ways. You can send out various kinds of campaigns to different parts of your target audience. You might be sending out coupon offers to one demographic while sending out blog-style email updates to another portion of your target audience.

Email marketing generates personalized outreach that makes consumers feel as though you are speaking directly to them. Providing the right product information in the content of your emails as well as giving direction through calls to action, you can direct your consumers to convert and purchase new items or visit your site.

Email marketing is the perfect way to create the “golden opportunity” that you need to help consumers to become customers and then become buyers of your products and services.

Our Process

  • Audit Existing Strategy

We will audit your existing email automation and campaigns. We can set you up with an account and connect it with your online store if you are new to email marketing. We can help you to guide your existing email automation processes to generate better campaign results. It is our goal to make sure that we target email automation with care and attention to detail. Auditing existing strategies can tell us a lot about your current metrics and help us to improve your email marketing outreach strategies in future. Whether you have never used email marketing in the past or are an experienced user of this marketing type, we can improve your engagements and conversions.


  • Define Target Audience

We will help you to import audience lists and segment your existing lists. We can make sure that you are connecting with the right audience with each email marketing campaign that you launch. Sending emails to the wrong people can actually cause them to send your email to their junk folder and we will help you avoid that outcome. Our team knows how to resegment and redefine your target audience to make sure that you are always providing outreach to the right people. Defining your target audience will also make sure that you send emails out with the right language and calls to action tailored for each kind of consumer.


  • Develop Strategies

We will come up with new and innovative email marketing strategies backed by data, while we help you create and implement a whole new strategy with automation flows. We will work with you to create email graphics and campaigns while keeping your true brand voice and brand focus. We work with you to create A/B tests that you feel good about and we will use the results from these tests to re-focus and optimize your future email marketing campaigns. We know how to make sure that your email marketing strategies are never stale so they will generate big results each time they are sent out to your lists.


  • Create Content

Our talented creative team will craft email graphics and messages that resonate with your customers. We will stay true to your brand’s personality and messaging while making sure that your calls to action are clear and drive conversions and engagement. We know how to strike the right tone for the perfect email marketing outreach. Our review of the metrics of each of your email marketing campaigns will help us determine which of our creative designs is creating the most attention and driving the right kinds of customer engagement for increased conversion and ROI.

Our Klaviyo Email Marketing Services for Shopify Ecommerce Brands

This is a complex area of focus for your brand outreach and we can offer you various kinds of support for your email marketing campaigns that are tailored to your unique needs. We know that you might not want to focus all of your advertising efforts on email marketing and we can help you to balance your ad spend to include email marketing campaigns.

· Email Marketing Strategy

We can help you to develop the right email marketing strategy to enjoy long-term success with limited unsubscribe rates. Our talented team of ecommerce email marketing experts can make sure that your email marketing is always targeted at the right audience segments. We will make sure that your branding is clear in each and every email and that you are providing added value to your consumers

If you have been trying to find the right angles to provide outreach to your consumer base, we can help you direct your email marketing in the right direction for conversions and brand engagement.

· Launch Support Services

If we have built your email marketing strategy or you need help with your own strategy that you have been working on, we are happy to step up to the plate! We will help you with the launch of your email marketing campaigns and provide the support needed to collect data and metrics related to your campaign’s performance.

Once the data is in, we will help you review it and look for areas to improve for your next email campaign. We believe in a data-driven model that predicts consumer behavior and responds to their engagement with each and every email campaign that you generate. This data will help us to guide your future email campaigns toward better results and higher ROI.

· Creative Services

Email marketing can be trendy and you have to stay on top of trends in this area of marketing to make sure that you are not lagging behind your competition. There is no room in email marketing for dated calls to action or dated images and outreach.

We can make sure that your email templates are fresh and inviting and that your calls to action and branding language are perfect to create conversion and engagement. Keeping your emails fresh helps with unsubscribes as well.

· Audits

We know how to audit your email campaign results to get better results for your next campaign. Without looking at the data and troubleshooting and planning for the next time, you will just be guessing about the kinds of campaigns that you need to make.

We can help you collect the data that you need to summarize your existing campaign data and use it to improve your future email marketing outreach. We will be happy to provide actionable strategies to you so you can manage your own campaigns or we will be glad to take over your email marketing campaigns based on our findings.

· Integration

It can be hard to make all the moving parts work together but we can help! We will make sure that all of your platforms that need to connect can talk to one another and speak the same language. You will not have any more issues with third-party apps slowing down your email marketing campaign processes.

· Full-Service Email Marketing

If you don’t want to manage your email marketing campaigns, we can do it for you! We are experts at this kind of marketing and we can deliver big results for your brand when you let us take over your email marketing campaigns.

We will use our data-driven approach to optimize your email marketing strategies and our talented creative team will generate beautiful and engaging email content for your branding and conversion efforts.

Klaviyo Email Marketing Services for Shopify Ecommerce Brands


How is email marketing different from other kinds of ecommerce marketing?

Ecommerce email marketing is not the same as sending out a newsletter as an author or a blogger. You need to provide calls to action and product images and information that will make buyers sit up and take notice of your brand and what you can offer to them. You will need to make sure that all of your email marketing outreach is designed to help with conversion and buyer engagement.

Will email marketing cost more than regular advertising?

We recognize that you have a budget that you need to stick to and email marketing campaigns are ideal for this kind of budget. Email marketing can be easy to afford and we can create an effective email marketing strategy that will work with your budget.

Do ecommerce stores need to take advantage of email marketing?

While you can run your ecommerce store without email marketing strategies on your side, you will find that it is much harder to reach all of your target audience and to push for conversion to sales. Email marketing is a very effective form of outreach to buyers and you will be missing out on one of the most affordable ways of generating lots of engagement and converting lots of sales if you decide to skip email marketing.

Do I need help creating my email marketing campaigns?

We know that you have probably been running your own email marketing campaigns for a while and we are happy to help you if you wish to continue doing so without our help. However, this is a complicated marketing space and it can be very beneficial to use our expert guidance to make your email marketing campaigns work harder for you.

How will email marketing benefit my ecommerce store?

Email marketing is a huge driver of organic brand engagement and conversion and you will find that using a targeted email marketing campaign to support your ecommerce store will generate big results. This is one of the areas that you should never neglect when planning your marketing strategies for your ecommerce brand.

Can you handle all of my email marketing needs?

We are happy to take care of all of the steps and management of your email marketing campaigns. We know how to make your email marketing campaigns generate big results for your brand through improved engagement and conversions. We will use our data-driven model to create the perfect email campaigns for your brand and we will monitor the results with care.



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