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Why Every Business Needs A Facebook Ads Expert

When someone says the phrase “social media,” what is the first platform that comes to mind? If you answered with Facebook, you are far from alone. Many people have this platform spring to mind before many others available on the Internet.

The Facebook platform offers much more than a way to keep in touch with friends and relatives. It’s also a crucial option to take advantage of for businesses looking to succeed in the global marketplace.

Facebook boasts more than a billion active users every month. Those users spend an average of seven hours a month on the platform. It also happens to operate as one of the most robust and powerful advertising platforms on the Internet. That’s why I believe any business advertising should make use of this social media platform.

Utilizing the services of a Facebook ads consultant can offer an opportunity for success that might not otherwise be possible. I am available to help you understand and connect with the platform in a way that increases revenue for your business.

I’m here to help you create income and bring in an audience excited about your business and what it does.

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What Facebook Advertising Is All About

Facebook ads are purchased on an auction basis and charged based on impressions, clicks, or actions. The platform allows you to target those ads, so they are seen by the people who are most likely to want the service or product you offer.

Facebook is going to reach possible customers higher in the sales funnel than an advertising platform that is intent-based like AdWords. However, when you work with our Facebook advertising agency, I can help you target the right people to create a super-effective marketing channel.

Doing so can boost your revenue and bring in views which translate to a higher level of success.

Why Facebook Ads Are Crucial

Everyone wants to incorporate cost-effective solutions into their business marketing. Facebook is a place where you can do that. Facebook ads let you build campaigns for the following purposes:

  • App Installs – If you are looking to increase app installs, Facebook campaigns exist to help.
  • Brand Awareness – I can help you reach an audience who might be excited by your brand, which can create better brand awareness.
  • Catalog Sales – Campaigns can offer ads that show specific items from your catalog to target your audience.
  • Conversion – Ads can offer the option to reach people who are most likely to convert to using your app or website.
  • Engagement – Facebook ads can create better engagement through post likes, shares, comments, and more.
  • Lead Generation – Campaigns on Facebook can use lead capture forms to get information from interested prospects.
  • Messages – Increasing messages on Facebook Messenger from prospects by initiating conversation is possible using Facebook ads.
  • Reach – Facebook ads optimized by a Facebook advertising agency can help you build reach.
  • Store Visits – Facebook campaigns can be used to reach people in your geographic area to bring them into your physical store.
  • Traffic – I can offer campaigns that help you increase Facebook page traffic, app traffic, and website traffic.
  • Video Views – The right campaign on Facebook can ramp up the number of people viewing your videos.

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The Process of Targeting the Ideal Audience 

Facebook lets you target your advertisements in all sorts of different ways. As a #1 Facebook marketing expert, I can offer results targeting with age, gender, and interests, but building a custom audience provides the most bang for your buck and brings in the highest potential profits.

Uploading a list of customer email addresses or leads can make this process smooth and straightforward. This is a fantastic way to transform Facebook into a retargeting platform. When I do this, it offers a way to reinforce your current marketing strategy.

Once there is a database of customers available, a campaign can target users similar to the ones already present. It is one of the best ways to attract and identify new customers who have a high potential for conversion.

While building a custom audience might mean more effort and time spent, it also means that your advertisements are going to those who are most likely to be interested. This sets you up to get excellent results.

Optimizing Your Campaigns with a Facebook Ads Guru 

Once you have your ads set up to send to the right audience, it’s also integral to do testing to ensure success.

Most of the time, the best option is to offer a variety of promoted ads and content. You never know when something unique will be popular with your audience, which is why testing your ads is essential. You can learn what works and what doesn’t.

I have experience creating effective Facebook social media campaigns, and testing plays a part in that. Knowing what your customers want to see offers you the chance to give them exactly that.

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Services Offered by Our Facebook Marketing Agency

Social media is a robust source of online marketing that can help your business reach out to and impress your customers and audience.

Don’t believe me? It’s true. Nearly three-quarters of people who use the Internet are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow on social media. Since Facebook is such a large social media platform, as a business, it’s where you want to be.

Not only can Facebook offer a higher level of awareness and brand exposure, but many of the top search engines are now including social media profiles, updates, and comments in their results. That gives you an even better chance of ranking over your competition if you’re doing everything right.

Most businesses that are online are well aware that an active social media presence takes not only money but time and effort. When you work with someone like Dan Ben-Nun, your return can be boosted, and your efforts can be streamlined for the best chance of success.

Our Facebook advertising clients can expect a leap in their sales volume while dropping their cost per sale on other marketing channels such as cost-per-click. I will manage your accounts and keep them optimized.

Beyond that, I also offer regular performance checkups and social media reporting so you can see where your money is going.

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The Top 10 Reasons Why a Facebook Ads Agency is Worth the Money

We’ve talked about how popular Facebook is and the fact that customers often use social media to decide what products and services to purchase. The advertisements on this platform work when someone is ensuring they are done right.

The problem is that when Facebook ads are done by an amateur, money can be wasted making bad choices. This is the biggest reason to trust a Facebook ad marketing expert to handle this section of your marketing campaign.

Not sure you are going to get what you want out of an expert? I will share below all the reasons that having someone to oversee your Facebook ads is the best decision you could make

1. The Process Will Be Done More Quickly

When you are working with any digital marketing, turnaround time is crucial. The longer you wait to jump on trends, the more likely you are to be lost in the shuffle.

When you have an expert like me in your corner, you can be sure that your campaigns are timely and introduced without interruption. Without someone dedicated to doing the work for you, it’s going to take longer, and you might miss out on potential options.

2. No Need to Learn it on Your Own

If inexperienced with Facebook’s campaign platform, you are likely going to find it intimidating when you try to work with it. There are a plethora of decisions that you need to make in which you may not have experience.

On top of that, there’s a lot of information out there and knowing what to pay attention to can be time-consuming. Spending your precious time on Facebook campaigns without having expertise can lead to wasting time and money.

Instead, a Facebook advertising agency can allow you to keep your focus on other things while I take care of your social media ad needs.

3. No Need to Keep Up With Constant Changes

On top of learning how the interface works for Facebook ads, you also have to consider the fact that changes are happening all the time. Updates to the interface can make things easier, but it can also lead to confusion.

Even if you think you know everything there is to know, when changes occur, it can leave you learning it all over again. It can leave you wondering how your strategies should change.

With a Facebook ad expert at your side, these changes can be efficiently responded to and understood so other business processes could be your priority.

4. Ads Experts Know the Right Risks to Take

No matter what kind of advertising you do, there is always some level of risk involved. Any time you spend money on a marketing campaign, you can’t be 100% sure that it will lead to the return you want.

With me working as your Facebook ads agency on Facebook, you have the peace of mind knowing that I am aware of which risks are worth taking. The best Facebook experts will mitigate the risk level to give you the best results.

Having an awareness of which moves can cost you tons of money and which are going to lead to success is crucial. I can offer you an accurate estimate of what risks are associated with every strategic decision made on behalf of your business.

5. Guesswork is No Longer Required

I mentioned that advertising has an inherent risk factor to it, but that doesn’t mean that you should spend your time guessing and hoping things will work out.

However, many businesses without an expert to rely on do just that. Trying a dozen things to see what works might eventually lead to some successful campaigns, but it might also waste a lot of money and time.

Using an expert and their knowledge and experience with Facebook advertisements ensures that all decisions made are based on past experiences.

6. Multiple Strategies Can Be Attempted

If you or someone inexperienced with social media marketing is working your Facebook strategy, you may not have a lot of time to experiment. That is not the case when you have an expert working by your side.

Being able to try multiple options to see what works is crucial to being at the top of your Facebook advertising needs. I’ve seen it all and can work within your budget to determine what works and apply it, so you have an advantage with all your campaign

7. Facebook Advertisement Experts Have Diverse Knowledge

When working with an expert with a decade or more of experience, you know the person has a strong knowledge of Facebook ads and has worked with a diverse selection of businesses.

Why does that matter to you when working to improve your ad campaigns?

Each one of the businesses I have worked for has provided knowledge that I can use with your marketing and advertising needs. I develop an understanding of what works in specific situations letting me tailor a strategy that is right for you, not someone else.

8. Have More Free Time to Focus on Your Business

Getting Facebook ads ready, watching how they do, and analyzing how to improve are all things that take time. It is especially true for someone without expert knowledge.

Using me as your Facebook ads consultant will free up some of your time so you can focus on other things. While you can still have the opportunity to make significant decisions and check in on how things are doing, the work behind it will no longer be something you have to worry about.

9. A Better Understanding of Your Audience and Their Needs

While having an ads expert can help you with managing numbers, that doesn’t mean it’s all that the person can offer. When you have a knowledgeable person helping you, it can also lead to better content-side campaigns.

I have an awareness of the right things to ask to learn who your audience is and how they are most likely to interact with you on this social media platform. Experts can also talk to you about ineffective copy or less than perfect design that might be holding you back.

10. Less Need to Break Up Responsibility

If you are like many companies, there may be various people in your organization who work on specific facets of social media. However, when you don’t have someone responsible for all of it, that can cause issues.

A Facebook ads manager can take over responsibility for your Facebook marketing as a whole, so someone is overseeing it and taking care of it at all times. That can lead to a higher level of success.

Reasons to Choose Dan Ben-Nun as Your Facebook Ads Expert

I have worked with a number of the world’s top brands and bring over a decade of experience to the table. My passion is to provide high growth potential to excellent brands through digital marketing techniques, including the use of Facebook advertisements.

 1. 24/7 REAL-TIME DASHBOARD: Client will have access to a state of the art dashboard which provides real-time analytics and metrics for all digital marketing campaigns.

2. AUTOMATED REPORTS: In addition to the 24/7 dashboard clients will also be provided with detailed monthly reports that clearly and easily highlights all of the important digital marketing campaign metrics & results.

3. ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATIONS: I am always available for unlimited one-on-one phone consultations for the duration of the contract and I always strive to provide the best service possible to each of my clients.

Hundreds of companies have trusted me to manage their Facebook Ad Campaigns because of my effective and innovative Facebook Ads strategies are proven to work. I work closely with all my clients and place a focus on tracking, measuring, and reporting results.

Unlike some platforms, Facebook advertising isn’t something you can set up and then assume it will work as time passes. Instead, the social media platform is continually changing and evolving, which means the advertising techniques for the platform must do the same.

That’s why we spend time monitoring your campaigns regularly to optimize each of your ads. We use targeting to pass on low costs to you while creating the highest income possible.

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Contact Us To Be Your Facebook Ads Specialist 

Are you ready to make your Facebook ad campaign the best it can be?

I can help you optimize your social media to ensure the success you deserve. Our goal is to drive more potential customers to your business than anyone else.

As your ads expert, I will provide personalized work that is proven to work. I will help you implement technology, offer monitoring and reporting on your ad accounts, and much more. Get in touch today to find out how you can shine on Facebook with my help!

Why Every Business Needs A Facebook Ads Expert

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Why Every Business Needs A Facebook Ads Expert

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Hey there, I’m Dan Ben-Nun. I’m a Growth Marketing Expert dedicated to increasing ROI for your business. Let me share my tips with you so you can achieve the results you want.