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Why Your Ecommerce Brand Needs Reporting and Analytics

So, you have been selling products through your ecommerce store and you are happy with your overall brand presence. But do you know if you are maximizing the potential of your online presence?

You will not be able to identify areas of improvement or ways that you can optimize your overall ecommerce site’s success, if you do not have access to data that offers through proper analytics and reporting and a team of experts to advise you on the data.

In this article we will review the process and importance of reporting and analytics for Ecommerce brands.

What is Ecommerce Analytics?

Ecommerce analytics is the process of setting up the right tracking codes within your website to be able to track all the channels of revenue and other KPI’s correctly. Then using tools to gather data from multiple sources and presenting them to your team in order to make educated decisions. 

Why is Ecommerce Reporting Necessary for Your Ecommerce Brand?

Online sales are expected to reach 21.4 billion in 2022, which means that it is more important than ever to have the right ecommerce reporting strategy on the side of your brand. Online business analytics are very revealing of the weaknesses and strengths of any online business and are only becoming more revealing due to the increase in data. Without these metrics on your side, you will be guessing at the right methods and strategies to optimize your ecommerce brand’s online presence.

The most essential functionality that is offered by reporting and analytics is awareness of your consumers and their behaviors. Knowing who your target customers are and making sure to drive the correct marketing strategies toward them. This is a key factor in successfully marketing your brand and is only one of the reasons companies  this tools on their ecommerce brand’s side.

How Do Reporting and Analytics Work for my Ecommerce Brand?

Ecommerce reporting and analytics help develop insights that can lead to higher ROI. With them you will be able to understand all areas of impact to your ecommerce brand. 

Having access to these important metrics can tell you a lot about the successes and downfalls of your brand, no matter what aspect of your marketing or optimization strategy is being examined.

Using ecommerce analytics along with digital marketing experts, you will know exactly which steps to take to further develop and improve your brand’s standing in your market.

Me and My Team’s Process

Audit Existing Strategy

We will help you audit your existing reporting processes and analytics along with your business strategy. With the help of our advanced reporting we will be able to understand angles and points that were previously not thought of or understood. Plus our combined decades of experience will allow us to create a proven business strategy. The more refined your metrics, the higher quality advice, the more reliable your results will be.

Define Target Audience

With our analytics and reporting we will be able to help you segment your audience accurately, and improve your overall conversions and engagements. Being able to target the right consumers is often the difference between great returns and losing money.

Develop Strategies

We can help you to develop strategies that are inferred through our reporting and analytics for your brand, market trends and our decades of experience. Each kind of product and market niche is different, and we have the experience to guide your reporting and analytic processes for improved brand success, no matter what niche you are selling in. We are experts at data-driven solutions and we will show you how to leverage your data collection to benefit your brand and to improve your brand’s positioning. Without strategies for analyzing and collecting data, you will be operating with a blindfold on. Informed decisions come from strategic data collection and analysis.

Create Content

Our creative team of graphic designers, copy writers and creative writers can help you to adjust your ad copy, your landing pages, and your social media pages to improve your branding. We can optimize text for high volume keywords used in search engines as well as create new text to target easier difficulty, long keyword combinations. If the data says that you need to adjust your messaging, your presence within your niche, and the kinds of ads that you are running, we can help you improve that and much more.

User Testing

My user experience expert team will help you with developing tests for user interactions, and provide reporting on positive or negative feedback/interactions. They will also help develop new designs that are more user friendly whenever a negative interaction was detected. This way you will make sure that the traffic that you are driving to your ecommerce website is being converted. Conversion rate is often a big issue in ecommerce brands as they don’t run the proper user usability testing and provide a poor shopping experience.

Our Reporting and Analytics Services for Shopify Ecommerce Brands

My talented team knows how to collect all the right metrics to support your ecommerce brand’s growth and sales goals. We are experts at gathering the data and reports that will allow us to help you guide your brand in the right direction for increased ROI and conversion.

Analysis of the Data

The whole point of collecting ecommerce analytics is to use them for the improvement of your brand. We can help you to create effective strategies that will optimize your website’s content, help you to generate better advertising content, and to create targeted blog topics that will help your brand be discovered by new consumers.

Our reporting and analysis are always backed by an evaluation of what the data we have collected means for you and your brand. There is little value to many ecommerce owners in simply collecting data. These metrics must be backed by the power of expert advice and expert insights to help your brand to enjoy increased success and higher ROI.

What tools will you use to collect data related to my ecommerce Store?

We have various tools at our disposal to collect the metrics that will drive your brand to new levels of success.

For Search Engine Optimization we use Google Analytics, Google Search Console  and integrate them into Ahrefs, SEMRush and Google Data Studio.

For paid search and paid social  ads we integrate tracking data into Report Garden and Data Box that gathers data from multiple sources and allows more accurate reporting on metrics like gender, age, location and more. This allows us to understand your payed advertisement efforts and to be able to optimize the campaigns and deliver a high return on ads spent (ROAS).

For influencer reporting we use Upfluence to not only find new potential influencers but to track their current impressions and conversions. It is a great tool to track ROI in influencer marketing.

These tools help us generate informative metrics that we can use to optimize and redirect your ecommerce brand’s online presence.

What kinds of skills are needed for reporting and analytics?

My expert team has decades of combined experience, creating reports and analyses that can be used by you and your partners to launch your ecommerce brand to new heights. To be fair, reporting does not take much experience to master, but when it comes to receiving recommendations on strategy, that is where my team shines. With having helped multiple ecommerce brands reach valuations of hundreds of millions of dollars, they know what strategies work, for different market and demographics.

Do I need help with reporting and analytics?

While you might be pretty good at reading the results of your ad campaigns and the overall google reported analysis of the traffic flowing to your site, it is complicated to generate an authoritative strategy from just one kind of report. We can help you providing a proven comprehensive strategy to improve your ecommerce store’s performance and brand positioning.


How will reporting and analysis benefit my ecommerce store?

Without data-driven strategizing, most of your efforts to optimize or improve your brand’s outreach will be done by guesswork. Having proper reporting and analysis on your side makes it possible to plan each move with confidence and to enjoy immediate improvements from the effort that you have put in. Reporting and analytics offer your brand the chance to enjoy optimized success without wasting your budget on incorrectly targeted ads or poorly constructed content.

Reporting and analysis will allow you to guide your ecommerce store and brand to the success that you have always envisioned without the anguish of using guesswork to make important decisions.

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Dan Ben-Nun

Dan Ben-Nun is a successful entrepeneur and digital marketing guru. He’s founded & grown 2 companies from zero to multi-million dollar businesses and has helped hundreds of companies grow with digital marketing.

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Why Your Ecommerce Brand Needs Reporting and Analytics

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