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Inkkas is an international, direct-to-consumer shoe brand founded in 2012 by Dan Ben-Nun, the Founder and CEO of Adspace Agency.

As the Founder of Inkkas, Dan leveraged his digital marketing skills to launch the company from zero to a multi-million dollar brand in the first year of operation.

His marketing efforts also attracted the interest of major retailers including Nordstrom, Forever21, J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, and Whole Foods, who all carried the Inkkas brand in their stores.

The company was featured in Vogue, Glamour, Washington Post, and more. They successfully established wholesale distribution channels in over 20 countries and built an international following and recognition. In 2015, Inkkas was acquired by the Marcus Lemonis Fashion Group.

The Challenge

Since the brand was created from scratch, they needed to execute an eCommerce strategy that overcame numerous obstacles like sourcing, advertising, management, fulfillment, and branding.

Dan was successfully able to develop the brand in a way that was scalable and that attracted the eye of billionaire investor Marcus Lemonis.

He eventually invested and then acquired the company in 2015 to become part of his fashion group portfolio which is characterized by a unique value proposition of each brand.

The Solution

The goal was to create a unique product, a unique brand, and original content and creative assets to distinguish itself in a crowded and monotonous footwear market.

Dan designed and developed a custom Shopify platform with enhanced usability to provide the best user experience that would translate to conversions.

He designed and created a unique and engaging digital marketing campaign that included email marketing and paid advertising through Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube.

The goals were achieved by creating an online experience that expressed the uniqueness of the brand and permeated through all online platforms.



Design and create unique online advertising and email marketing campaigns that would highlight the brand’s personality.


Design and develop a website experience on Shopify focused on the brand and user experience that lead to high conversions.


Design a strategy for online customer acquisition based on geo-targeted paid advertising and sales funnels.


Design a unique and engaging brand that attracts loyal brand followers and creates brand recognition.


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