Loctote is a backpack company that creates a unique theft-proof backpack that can be easily locked anywhere when traveling.

Founded by CEO Don Halpern, the company’s chief competitive advantage is their products’ unique patented features and material that prevent the bag from being opened or broken into. Their product features are unique and cannot be found with any other companies on the market.

In 2017, Loctote was featured on Shark Tank where they successfully garnered an investment deal with Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec.

The company successfully established eCommerce and wholesale distribution channels but needed help improving the profitability of their paid advertising strategy for their eCommerce channel.

The Challenge

When we began working with the Loctote company, they were experiencing issues that were interfering with the profitability of their paid advertising channels.

While the company’s initial online advertising campaigns had been successful in the beginning, over time due to the increasing complexity and competitiveness of advertising platforms, the ad campaigns had declined in performance.

Due to these issues, the company was experiencing a downturn in online revenue, an increase in wasted ad spend, and a decline in ROAS across all online advertising channels.

When we took on this project, we immediately started by fixing these issues and invested the time and hard work necessary to reduce wasted ad spend and significantly increase advertising performance.

The Solution


UI/UX Design
Advertising Campaign Optimization
Digital Marketing Campaign
Paid Advertising
Conversion Rate Optimization

The goal was to conduct an immediate turnaround of Loctote’s online acquisition strategy by redesigning their paid advertising strategy from scratch to substantially increase ROAS and reduce wasted ad spend.

When we took on the project, we were confident that we could help the brand fix these major issues. Within the first week of working together, we were able to significantly reduce wasted ad spend across all advertising channels. With ad spend now controlled, we were able to focus on designing and implementing new ad campaigns from scratch on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, and Amazon to improve conversion and ROAS.

We then focused our energy on redesigning and relaunching all ad campaigns from scratch to significantly improve performance and ROAS. Within 2 months of working together, we were able to achieve our goals of reaching profitability on all advertising channels.



Design, develop, and implement new customer acquisition strategy through paid advertising channels.


Add functionalities, customization, and apps to Shopify to increase conversion rate and improve usability and customer experience.


Reorganize existing ad campaigns to reduce wasted ad spend, improve campaign performance, and achieve profitability.


Design and launch new digital advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, and Amazon to achieve significantly higher ROAS.


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